Qi Gong & Tai Chi
Teacher Training & Certification

Master Frantzis & Senior Student Paul Cavel 2008

Paul Cavel began teaching internal arts in 1995 with encouragement from his primary teacher, Taoist Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis. In 2004, Master Frantzis named him one of nine senior students. Paul is the principal of The Tai Chi Space School, a senior member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and a soft tissue and injury therapist (ITEC Level 4).

For more than a decade, as a senior instructor & re-certifier in all his teacher’s available nei gong programmes, Paul has taught internal arts teachers in private group trainings with a focus on underpinning and improving teaching skill and embodiment of fundamental nei gong. He is now opening up his annual teaching curriculum to current instructors of all backgrounds as well as instructor-hopefuls!

The Tai Chi Space London Teacher Training

To participate in the London programme, Paul asks for the following commitment from Trainees:

Some weekend course hours could be supplemented with pre-approval by Paul. No current teaching certifications are required, but Paul asks new students to complete two years in the core weekend nei gong programme to develop skill in the 42 fundamental internal principles before applying to join the teaching group.

Annual Instructor Membership

All benefits of School Membership — including 10% discount on all seminars, retreats and private training — Paul’s mentorship, practical teaching experience and the following training are covered by annual Instructor Membership dues:

  • Three one-day private teacher training seminars on Fridays, 11:30-17:00
    9 February, 15 June & 12 October 2018 (13.5 hours)
  • 30 minutes instruction before Sunday seminars for teachers only (3 hours)
  • Two hours instruction for teachers on the spring and summer retreats in Spain (4 hours)

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Master Frantzis & Paul Cavel 1990s

Certification Options

Trainees who wish to test for certification(s) have the following options:

  • Qi Gong Fundamentals:
    Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Fundamentals:*
    Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Levels

Tai Chi Cloud Hands, Spain 2016

The Qi Gong Fundamentals: Beginning Level certification consists of eight modules.** Once all eight are passed, Trainees will be awareded a certificate to teach (that specific material) with Paul’s endorsement as the principal of The Tai Chi Space; they can then begin testing for modules at the Intermediate Level, as well as the Yang Style Tai Chi: Beginning Level certification and so on.

Testing requirements:
Trainees must complete two years study in the teaching programme; 5-6 weekends plus three teacher training courses per year (or equivalent hours). Trainees who already have certifications should speak with Paul about timelines for testing.

Trainees do not have to certify or even test to participate in the teaching programme.

* Paul teaches Yang Cheng Fu’s tai chi form (a direct descendant of the Yang family) as he considers it the best balance between ease of learning and depth of internals.

** Paul’s recent book, The Tai Chi Space: How to Move in Tai Chi & Qi Gong, lays out the 42 internal principles that comprise the eight modules covered in the Qi Gong Fundamentals certification.