Water Method Meditation Islington

Everyone is welcome!

The Tai Chi Space @LSC | 1 & 2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, Islington, London N4 3RF
@Finsbury Park & Crouch Hill Stations: Victoria & Piccadilly Lines, and London Overground
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qigong-londonWater Method Sitting Meditation:
Breathing & Presence Practices

Water method meditation is typically practised while sitting in a chair, which will be provided; however, if you’re a more advanced practitioner who prefers to sit on the floor, you’re welcome to bring a mat.

Why Learn How to Meditate?
Meditation has the ability to root out the deepest physical, energetic, emotional and mental blockages, allowing the full potential of the human being to flower.

Paul teaches Water method presence practices to train and harness the potential of your Mind, whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced meditator.

Paul will teach methods for:

  • Finding and maintaining proper postural alignments while sitting.
  • Becoming present to your whole body.
  • Engaging whole-body breathing techniques.
  • Developing awareness and your ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Generating deep states of relaxation.

Water method meditation practices offer both complete beginners and experienced meditators of all backgrounds ways to achieve greater states of clarity and openness. Developing the ability to sit longer allows more sophisticated forms of practice to manifest.

Each meditation is preceded by an optional 1.5-hour talk on Taoism. Learn more >>

Paul’s courses are hosted by Internal Engery Arts Limited.