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cropped-dragon_and_tiger_qigong.pngDragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong

Flow & Energetics for Health & Healing
Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong is the focus of Saturday courses. Supporting warm-ups, stretching and energy exercises will also be presented for complete and balanced mind-body training. A Certificate of Attendance is presented to those who complete the series.

Immune Defence

Dragon and Tiger is a deep and highly effective medical qi gong system that emphasises the development of wei qi (layer of energy just below the skin) and the etheric field (also known as the “aura”)–two very important layers of the immune system involved with defence against would-be foreign invaders. Regular practice of Dragon and Tiger dredges up and eliminates stagnant qi (energy) and toxins, and reinvigorates your internal organs, which lie at the heart of vitality and well-being.

Foundational Mind-Body Training

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong lies at the very foundation of our system and is where Paul recommends all new students start their training. He considers it an essential practice because medical qi gong principles that release negative and bound energy can be carried into all other nei gong, tai chi and bagua practices, and yet have the potential to become very powerful by themselves.

For Healers, Therapists and Bodyworkers

Medical qi gong is particularly important for anyone who works with the public, especially energy healers, therapists, bodyworkers and teachers of all backgrounds since they often pick up the negative energetic signatures of their clients/students. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, having a practical method for protecting yourself and regularly discharging unwanted and potentially harmful energy is absolutely key to longevity in the workplace, preventing illness, deranged energy and burnout.

What You Will Learn

Each one-day course will focus on one or several specific thread(s) of form and internal content, while circulating around the seven-movement qi gong set. Paul will oscillate between form, content and qi techniques throughout the year, so the most comprehensive instruction can only be obtained by attending the series. That said, each seminar will be complete unto itself and new students will initially learn a complete mini practice they can train after the course.

Paul will present the following material over the yearlong series:

  • Choreography of the seven-movement set
  • Alignments and fundamental nei gong components
  • Stretching the fascia to activate the wei qi
  • Feeling and clearing your qi
  • Manipulating, increasing and developing qi
  • Contacting and strengthening your etheric field
  • Generating whole-body motion and continuously flowing qi
  • Absorbing and storing qi

Cultivating Qi-energy

From the perspective of qi-energy, you will learn methods for developing two fundamental techniques: “brushing” and “pulling and pushing” qi. Applying these two techniques, you will work with three layers of energy: the etheric field, skin and wei qi. These practices are what evolves a physical form that opens the energy of the body to an energy art that strengthens and heals the body.

All Students Are Welcome!

Paul adapts all techniques to the skill level and specific needs of the individual. He and his certified teaching assistants offer personal support in every class.

  • Beginners will learn at least the first movement (usually three movements) of Dragon and Tiger in any seminar plus fundamental internal content for energy development–that which enables the unique health and healing benefits associated with practice to flourish. In successive seminars, you will have the opportunity to learn deeper internal content and a full range of energetic techniques in tandem with the entire seven-movement Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong set.
  • Existing students – In 2016, Paul will delve into the activation of qi within Dragon and Tiger, while continuing to refine aspects of the physical form to accommodate growing internal content. As your form becomes more precise, fluid and relaxed, the more internal content can naturally unfurl. So Paul will oscillate between form and content over the six-course series.