Meditation & Tai Chi Lessons

Skype for Breathing & Meditation

Paul meets with students via Skype for sitting practices, such as:

  • Breathing
  • Sinking & Dissolving
  • Meditation

He meets with existing students for feedback on moving practices, but does not teach choreography via Skype due to the limitations of the medium. Inquire & book >>

Finsbury Park, London

Paul is nearly booked for 2018 private training; he has availability on Wednesday, 28 November. Inquire & book >>

Malaga, Spain

Paul offers personal training year-round in Spain (30 minutes from Malaga Airport, AGP). Inquire & book >>

Energy Arts Instructor Re-certifier

Paul has been a senior instructor of Master Bruce Frantzis since 2004. He is an instructor re-certifier in his Energy Arts programmes:

  • Longevity Breathing/Taoist Breathing
  • Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong
  • Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qi Gong
  • Tai Chi Circling Hands
  • Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong
  • Wu Style Tai Chi
  • Bagua: Circle Walking and the Single Palm Change

What Students Say

The meditation led to a release of physical and nervous tension, my stress levels were greatly reduced. I felt more relaxed and alive after the sessions.
—GB, IT Developer

The things I liked were: the clear and tangible way in which things were explained; the progressive and interlinking way components were added; the spirit, kindness and humility with which the teaching was done.
—JN, Graphic Designer

I’ve been meditating for over 30 years. I found Paul’s indications good and clear. Excellent!
—BC, Internal Martial Artist

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