Medical Qi Gong Retreat

Andalucía, Spain


Dragon & Tiger Qi Gong: Level 3 Energetics
Medical Qi Gong Therapy

Dragon and Tiger is a seven-exercise medical qi gong system that originates from China. Practised for 1,500 years by millions of people, it uses a very simple methodology to feel, move, transform and cultivate qi (aka “life-force energy”) for the purpose of creating healing, vitality and well-being.

Based upon the acupuncture meridian system, Dragon and Tiger uses an energetic connection between the hands and wei qi (layer of energy through which the meridian lines run just below the skin) as opposed to needles. During practice, the aim is to tune into, access and manipulate the wei qi in order to clear, open, balance and supercharge meridian-line flow, while simultaneously stretching the soft tissues of the body (fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons). The combined activation of the soft tissues and wei qi together, rather than as separate practices, enables a dramatic increase health benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Releasing stagnant qi and toxins
  • Increasing nerve flow
  • Dredging up and expelling, old, deeply bound tensions
  • Boosting immune function
  • Developing qi for health and well-being
  • Balancing the energy of the organs, as well as their associated emotions
  • Clearing and sharpening the mind

The first two levels of Dragon and Tiger (Level 1-2 Energetics) emphasise activation of wei qi and the etheric field (aka the “aura”)–two very important layers of the immune system involved with defence against would-be foreign invaders. However, Dragon and Tiger Level 3 Energetics penetrates much deeper and activates many more layers of energy in the body.

Adjusting to the unique individuals who attend the retreat, Paul will teach techniques for working with, boosting and developing multiple layers of your body’s energy, including how to:

  • Recognise and feel qi-energy and the effects on your body and mind.
  • Develop fundamental medical qi gong techniques, known as “brushing” and “pulling and pushing” qi.
  • Feel for and recognise your etheric field.
  • Continuously versus intermittently connecting to your qi.
  • Generate strong and vibrant qi for robust health.
  • Feel, connect to and harmonise with nature.

Dragon and Tiger develops the ability to sense, connect to and harmonise life-force energy–both within yourself and the environmental energies that surround you. These energies are diminished in the city, and therefore become weak and more difficult to experience; whereas natural settings, such as the coast, mountains or forests, amplify these energies and your innate ability to feel and connect to them. This awakening process allows you to engage with and deeply experience the manifest realm in which you live–here on Earth. Our training venue, La Posada Romana, is set amongst seven acres of Andalucían parkland with mature trees and stunning Mediterranean Sea and mountain views to the south–the perfect location for energetic training. Learn more about the venue >>

Paul will offer two tracks of study for new/beginning students and for those who have attended the previous Dragon & Tiger retreats or have the equivalent experience/skill to join the more advanced energetics group.

Scroll down to see what students say about Dragon & Tiger retreats with Paul >>

paul-cavel-tscPaul Cavel is a Certified Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong (Level 3 Energetics) instructor and has trained this medical qi gong system since the early 1990’s. He is also a Certified ITEC Soft Tissue & Injury Therapist (Level 4).

Retreat Notices

A Word to the Wise
Paul reserves the right to make the final decision about whether any student can join the more advanced level of study to ensure a safe and healthy training environment for everyone involved. Energetic practices are trained with the purpose of dislodging and releasing stagnant energy, which carries energetic and emotional tension. Since discharges of this nature are the point of training, it is highly likely that you will experience one or more during this retreat. If you recognise a discharge is happening for you, simply ground and relax to make the transition as smooth as possible!

Health Issues?
Let us know about any serious health issues, including recent injuries and medical conditions, so Paul and his teaching assistants can offer modifications as warranted. Please make it brief and to the point.

Training in a Natural Environment
On retreat, Paul teaches a range of energetic and Five Element exercises not available in seminars as a serene and natural environment is necessary to tap into the depths and subtlety of traditional Water method arts training.

Training Venue & Onsite Accommodation
La Posada Romana, home to our nature retreats, is set amongst seven acres of Andalucían parkland with mature trees and Mediterranean sea and mountain views to the south.

Paul highly recommends staying onsite for the full retreat experience.

Malaga Airport (AGP) Rideshare
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  • From AGP – Saturday, 1 September 2018 at 16:30 to coordinate with onsite check-in (starting at 18:00) and to give you time to shop in Gaucin during afternoon business hours (17:00-20:00). Flights MUST arrive no later than 15:30.
  • Heading to AGP – Wednesday, 12 September 2018 at 08:00. Please do not book flights before 12:30.

If you prefer to book your own taxi/rideshare via EcoTaxi, you can do so in English at Onsite guests: Please take into consideration the check-in/check-out schedule and make arrangements accordingly. We cannot permit early arrival or late departure.

Airport Info

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  • Train – We do not advise taking the train between Ronda and Gaucin as “Estacion de Gaucin” is 15 minutes away by car (no taxi queues, so you must arrange a taxi ahead)!

Gibraltar Airport (GIB) – not recommend unless you speak some Spanish. Taxi service to Gaucin is limited and runs ~150 € per journey. Taxi La Linea – +34 956 17 48 00/+34 956 17 47 10 and

Please arrive on Saturday, 1 September 2018. AGP rideshare will depart at 16:30. For those staying onsite, check-in at the finca starts at 18:00.

A meet and greet, registration and the first class starts on Sunday, 2 September 2018 at 10:30.

The last class is tentatively scheduled to finish on Tuesday, 10 September 2018 at 13:30; however, please note that Paul may extend the end time to ensure students are left in a good way and that all promised course hours have been met.

Check out at the finca (onsite students) is Wednesday, 12 September by 08:00.

40 total course hours

Book Your Place

Course Fees
£845 Members
£945 Non-members

£395 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit reserves your place.
Full payment is due 2 August 2018. Late payments will incur a £45 late fee.

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We encourage you to read our training policies before booking.
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What Students Say about Dragon & Tiger Retreats with Paul

The course was great; I really appreciated Paul’s extraordinarily methodical approach mapping out a clear pathway for progress. All we have to do now is put in the work. I’ll definitely be back next year.
— P. Taylor, Energy Healer

Thanks for making THIS retreat so wonderful for all of us.  Everyone has really softened, unfurled and bonded; it’s been a really touching experience. — S.M., Artist

The Dragon and Tiger course exceded my expectations, as I learned more about the natural laws of how we human beings are meant to move and use our body and mind. I have learnt quite a few movement practices, but the energy arts are the most profound so far. Thank you Paul. — A. van Laar, Author

The retreat was overwhelmingly great and had much more depth for me than I expected. The Wei Qi Work really got me to the edge of my capacity, considering I was having one of the biggest physical Detoxings I had in a long time… But it was totally worth it. For the whole retreat looking back I can say that I also had the experience of a really good vibe throughout all the sessions and I am pretty sure I was never feeling more grounded than today, although I’ve been to Malaga Market, Airport, in a Plane and on Frankfurt Airport, which is quite amazing. It really improved my energy work and set up a Plan for the next years for my practice. So I’m planning to attend next year.
— C. Roch, Physical Therapist

I’ve loved this retreat. In his usual magic way Paul skilfully plugged us into a much deeper felt sense and fuller understanding of the form. Being in nature and focusing on the energetics have made my practice come alive in a whole new way. — A. Christelis, Massage Therapist

It was a wonderful retreat for all of us. And yes, I would definitely like to book next year. — W. M., Editor