Five Element Qi Gong in Stuttgart

s Bädle, S.S.V. Naturheilverein Zuffenhausen
Schlotwiese Hirschsprungallee 12, Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen

New students welcome
Weekends with Nei Gong Option on Mondays:

  • 14-15 October 2017 + 16 October 2017
  • 3-4 February 2018 + 5 February 2018
  • 9-10 June 2018 + 11 June 2018
  • 6-7 October 2018 + 8 October 2018

Core Water Method Training for All Students

Five Element practices are a bedrock of traditional Water method arts training, allowing you to connect to and draw upon vast stores of qi-energy from the environment and deep within yourself for health and vitality. Cultivating this deep connection with yourself and the environment not only generates harmony inside yourself, but also your relationships with others and the natural world in which you live.

The Five Elements are:

  • Water – the cleansing principle, which initiates the downward flow of energy, clearing blockages and initiating the root.
  • Fire – the energising principle, which initiates the upward flow of energy, energising and amplifying all that it touches.
  • Wood – the expansion principle, which combines the upwards and downwards flows of energy to create more internal space.
  • Metal – the condensing principle, which initiates periphery-to-centre and centre-to-periphery flows of energy through the five bows, generating raw power.
  • Earth – the integration principle, which initiates the spherical, pul­sating flow of energy, integrating and balancing the whole mind-body-energy matrix.

The Five Elements encompass all of manifestation; they are the lenses through which the never ending, unfolding combinations of yang and yin energies are concentrated and expressed as the material world. Nei gong techniques are categorised and cultivated through 16 broad ranging layers of internal energy development practices within the Water method. These layers are cultivated through five qi gong sets, each unique nei gong weave attunes to and is associated with one of the Five Elements. Learning and focusing on a single qi gong set at a time is the more common approach to begin the process of connecting with and manifesting specific Elemental energies; however, focusing on and refining specific nei gong that accentuate the desired Elemental energy you wish to bring into play is another, more sophisticated approach.

The unique weave of nei gong embedded within each qi gong system develops the attunement to its corresponding Element, as well as the precise results that can be achieved, ranging from releasing stress and tension to boosting immune function to cultivating vitality and longevity. Each Element comprises various nei gong threads and many internal techniques that the practitioner learns, develops and refines in order to manifest its purity, and of course reap the associated health benefits. This is why the ancients spoke of “attuning to nature” or “walking the natural path”. The meaning behind their voices resonates beyond learning sets of movements or forms of any kind.

In this three-course series, we will begin our unfolding journey by focusing on the nei gong weaves that produce the energies of Water and Wood since both lie at the root of Five Element practices. Aspects of the other Elements (Fire, Metal and Earth) will be drawn in as they naturally come into play. As expected, the Water method, the soft development approach, begins with the Water Element and follows with Wood.

Water is soft yin.

Wood is soft yang.

Encompassed within the energies of Water and Wood, the foundation of each of the five qi gong sets, and for that matter the entire system, is formed–including but not limited to tai chi, bagua, tui na and meditation. This approach to developing individual nei gong and their weaves, which manifest the Five Elements, is a journey into the depths of your body, mind and qi.

What You Will Learn

You will delve into nei gong techniques that generate soft yin and soft yang through:

  • Standing, Sinking and Dissolving – to increase the downward flow of qi, firmly ground and root your energy, help you become aware of and clear physical and energetic blockages inside your body, and deeply relax.
  • Various Forms of Cloud Hands – a group of internal exercises to deeply engage and integrate the physical body on the horizontal plane of motion.
  • The Swings – derived from Water Element Qi Gong to shed tension, soften the body and cultivate connected, fluid motion.
  • The Water Method Spine Stretch – a multi-layered and completely unique spinal healing exercise that targets the front, back and core of the spine.
  • Tai Chi’s Opening Form – a single, repetitive internal exercise to deeply engage and integrate the physical body on the vertical plane of motion.
  • Circling Hands – derived from Wood Element Qi Gong, a gentle, repetitive exercise that lulls the nervous system into deep relaxation, and integrates form and content into one, coherent whole.
  • Breathing – to release the nerves, massage the internal organs, and increase blood and qi circulation.
  • Supporting Energetic Exercises – designed to bring alive the Elements.

Each weekend is a part of the whole yet contains a complete practice unto itself, so you may attend the series or any one-off course. Although Paul aims to provide a deep, energetic teaching each weekend, beginners and new students are welcome as these are core Water method practices that he encourages all students to train.

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More Advanced Nei Gong Training on Mondays

For those who want an in-depth immersion in Five Element training, on Mondays Paul will teach more advanced techniques to further and deepen the exercises presented over the weekend. Weekend attendance of qi gong is required.

cavel-tai-chi-13Tai Chi on Fridays

On Fridays, Paul teaches Yang Style Tai Chi for health and stress relief.
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One-to-one Lessons

If you would like to book a private lesson with Paul while he’s in Germany, he’s available in Bietigheim (with S Bahn service) on:

  • Thursday afternoon, 12 October 2017
  • Tuesday afternoon, 17 October 2017

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Local Host
Dr. Michael Mettner
+49 7142 9668902

Weekend courses take place at:
s Bädle, S.S.V. Naturheilverein Zuffenhausen
Schlotwiese Hirschsprungallee 12, Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen
(Anfahrt über Schwieberdinger Str. und Marconistr., Freibad ist ausgeschildert)

Fridays, 11:00-17:30 with 90-minute lunch
Saturdays & Sundays, 11:00-17:30 with 90-minute lunch
Mondays, 11:00-17:00 with 90-minute lunch

Course Fees
110 € Tai Chi (Friday) -or- Nei Gong (Monday)
175 € Qi Gong (Weekend)
285 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Tai Chi (Friday)
285 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Nei Gong (Monday)
395 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Tai Chi (Friday) + Nei Gong (Monday)

125 € Tai Chi (Friday) -or- Nei Gong (Monday)
195 € Qi Gong (Weekend)
320 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Tai Chi (Friday)
320 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Nei Gong (Monday)
445 € Qi Gong (Weekend) + Tai Chi (Friday) + Nei Gong (Monday)

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