Training Policies

I encourage you to read this entire page before booking a course or private training session.

You will find information relating to the following topics on this page:

  • Course Structure
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD credit)
  • Registration, Payment + Policies
  • Deposits, Cancellations + Refunds
  • Private Training
  • Energy Arts Recertification
  • Course Rules

Overview: Dynamic Course Structure

Whether in live courses or personal training sessions, I adapt my teachings to the students in attendance and do not maintain a rigid format or checklist for each course. Everyone is welcome at every course I teach—regardless of previous experience (or lack thereof). Learning health, healing and meditation arts is a circular process (rather than a linear, sequential one). As a circle neither has a beginning nor an end, you can begin training whenever the time is right for you.

That said some courses are naturally more advanced than others due to the subject matter. In these cases, the teaching will be more in-depth and focused on internal content, such as the subtle techniques to directly affect core energy, the cardiovascular system or the internal organs. Even still, I’ll always make time to review choreography with you (or have an advanced instructor in the subject help you) to help get you on the road.

Likewise, I’ll always include specific material for experienced practitioners and will take them as far as they are willing/able to go into in-depth internal techniques practised to bring incredible physical, energetic, emotional and mental balance and performance.

All of my courses are hosted by Internal Energy Arts Limited based in London, UK.

Professional Development Training

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificates are available at every course I teach on request. We are happy to support your ongoing training by taking extra steps for you, so please let us know how we can help.

Registration, Payment + Policies

Courses in England

Courses taking place in England must be paid in pounds sterling. We do not accept cheques, but we do accept most payment forms:

  • Bank Transfersdownload bank details.
  • Credit/Bank cards—accepted via Paypal, but no Paypal account is required.
  • Paypal—you will receive a paid invoice to confirm your place on the course.
  • Cash—please pay ahead where advanced registration is recommended.

See individual course descriptions for more details.

Courses in Europe

Courses taking place in Germany and Spain may be paid in pounds or euros. No cheques. If the course fee is posted in pounds, please contact us for a euros rate, which will be good for three days. We accept payment in euros as:

  • Cash—email the local host (see individual course webpages for host details) to confirm your place, pay cash on arrival.
  • Bank transfersdownload bank details.
  • Credit/Bank cards via Paypal—you don’t need a Paypal account, just a credit/bank card although you may also use your Paypal account if you have one.

See individual course descriptions for more details.

Deposits, Cancellations + Refunds

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


One week (7 days) or more before the scheduled course date:

  • Transfer–additional 25% of course fee.
  • Cancellation–50% of course fee.

Less than one week (7 days) before the scheduled course date, the full balance is non-refundable/non-transferable.


There is no additional cancellation charge for retreats (except the non-refundable/non-transferable deposit) if you notify us at least 30 days prior to the course and apply remaining funds to future courses. Retreat fees are non-refundable and non-transferable after the specified payment deadline, which is usually ~30 days in advance of the course (see individual course description for the exact date).

Please understand that Internal Energy Arts Limited/Paul Cavel must pay venues and assistants in advance of course dates based on attendance. Accordingly, if you must cancel or are considering cancelling, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible.

Airport Rideshare Conditions
We offer to arrange rideshare as a courtesy to students in order to reduce travel expense. You will pay the driver in Euros directly.

We cannot guarantee that we can include everyone in rideshare as participants and schedules vary. For the best chance of ensuring rideshare, please book according to the info provided on retreat webpages; in most cases we ask you to arrive no later than 15:00, especially on Saturdays. The markets shut on Saturdays at 20:00 and remain closed until Mondays in Spain. Accordingly, anyone arriving later than 16:00 will likely not be able to be accommodated for rideshare as it doesn’t leave sufficient time for shopping.

We require the details of your booked flight details to confirm your place on any rideshare:

  • Arrivals – The time posted is the time of departure; therefore, your flight must arrive a minimum of 35 minutes before the scheduled departure time – we recommend one hour in case your flight is delayed. You should plan to meet the driver in the designated area at least 10 minutes before the posted time. The driver cannot wait past the published departure time.
  • Departures from Gaucin – You should allot a minimum of 2.5 hours from the posted departure time until you could expect to arrive at AGP as there are three stops before leaving Gaucin. We cannot guarantee our shuttles will depart on time, although we do our best to maintain the schedule in the interest of the group.

Taxi service is coordinated with a third-party service on your behalf. Internal Energy Arts/Paul Cavel disclaims all responsibility for loss/injury due to using the taxi company and reserves the right not to coordinate rideshare for any individual for any reason.

Personal Training

Paul accepts cash, bank/credit card (see payment button), or bank transfers (download details) for private training.

By confirming your appointment, you agree to pay 50% of the expected balance due in the event of cancellation on your part (for any reason) with at least 48 hours advance notice. For 48 hours notice or less, we ask that you pay 100% of the expected fee.

Please understand that Paul dislikes charging Clients without offering the lesson. However, we must enforce this policy or some people hold dates, don’t show and keep those who really need/want help from receiving it!

Energy Arts Instructor Recertification

Paul is a Senior Energy Arts Instructor and Re-certifier. If you would like to recertify with Paul as an Energy Arts instructor, please offer your desired date and time and we’ll get back to you promptly. Paul charges his standard hourly rate for re-certifications (one-hour minimum), and will provide feedback and corrections to help you advance your practice.

Whenever possible, during scheduled live courses, Paul offers recertification testing for £20/25€ as long as you notify him at least two weeks in advance of the course. Please note that there may not be sufficient time for personal corrections to help advance your practice when scheduled during a course. If you are looking for in-depth feedback and personal corrections, please schedule a lesson.

Paul can recertify you in the following subjects:

  • Bagua Zhang: Level 1
  • Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form: Level 1
  • Gods Qi Gong: Movements Only + Level 1
  • Dragon + Tiger Medical Qi Gong: Level 1 + Level 2
  • Energy Gates Qi Gong: Level 1
  • Heaven + Earth Qi Gong: Level 1
  • Tai Chi Circling Hands: Level 1
  • Taoist Breathing: Level 1

Contact us to schedule re-certification testing.

Course Rules

Paul prefers to keep his courses informal. However, there are a few rules that he asks all students to adere to for a positive and respectful learning environment.

By booking a course with Paul you agree to the following:

  • There is no recording of any kind permitted during class, whether audio, video, photographic or a combination of any of these. Paul does NOT give permission to record him or his students in any format for any purposes–even personal use–without his expressed written consent.
  • Children and minors under the age of 18 are not permitted in the training area at any time.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the training area at any time.
  • As some people suffer from allergies, we ask that students do not use perfume, cologne or scented products before attending class. These products also dull the senses and can interfere with the process of opening up your senses, especially to subtle changes.
  • When the class finishes, as published in the course schedule, Paul is no longer available for questions. He will make every effort to answer questions that relate to the course subject during class and may or may not be willing/able to answer personal questions unrelated to the course subject. Regardless, we would grealty appreciate it if you would ask questions during the course or reserve them until the next course rather than at the end of class when it’s time to pack up and vacate the premisis.
  • None of the exercises presented in class, including partner exercises, are compulsory. Students are encouraged to exercise their right to sit out of any portion of the course or decline working with any other student or assistant if doing so would cause unnecessary or undue discomfort. Further, when working with partners, students are encouraged to give feedback, whether negative or positive, especially if safety or discomfort is in question. Any student who does not comply with cautioning feedback related to the safety or welfare of others will be asked to leave the course.
  • Any student who defaces or damages property, whether intentional or unintentional, will be responsible for repair and NOT Paul Cavel/Internal Energy Arts.

See terms of School Membership >>

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to training with you!