What Students Say

Here’s what my Students & Clients are saying:

The things I liked were: the clear and tangible way in which things were explained; the progressive and interlinking way components were added; the spirit, kindness and humility with which the teaching was done. —JN, Graphic Designer

I’ve been meditating for over 30 years. I found Paul’s indications good and clear. Excellent! —BC, Internal Martial Artist

I’ve had some pretty remarkable results in this past month, I really can’t thank you enough Paul. My back is now better than it was before my injury. —KB, Musician

Paul is an excellent teacher. I am now able to sink qi and incorporate that ability into my practice, especially to control the twitching in my body, without having to stop whatever practice I am doing. —ST, Editor

I like Paul’s clarity of teaching and ability to create distinctions and metaphors, which have helped me to experientially grasp the nuances and distinct qualities of the material that I am trying to embody. —EM, Careers Manager

I felt safe. —JM, Opera Singer

Paul’s teaching is always well-founded. He is prepared and feels where his students [are] in their development. —EB, Qi Gong Teacher

The meditation led to a release of physical and nervous tension, my stress levels were greatly reduced. I felt more relaxed and alive after the sessions. —GB, IT Developer

Paul adheres to the principles of separate and combine. So he breaks down everything he teaches and then reconstructs. During construction of the layers Paul will revisit and re-enforce the existing framework as well as inject deeper content. Importantly Paul also invites questions and encourages feedback of our experiences. He then provides insights into our experiences and guidance. This format allows one to better understand the journey and what experiences may occur in the future as we progress with our training. —JB, Osteopath

I have found very useful Paul’s correction of my alignments, especially the neck vertebras–something that would be very difficult if not impossible to get on my own. —RZ, Concierge