About Paul Cavel

Paul Cavel, London

Cultivating the Way of Water

Cultivating the “way of water” is about learning strategies for yielding and blending with the one constant of life: change. While training Water method arts, you systematically learn, adjust and refine mind-body exercises to revitalise and energise your being. Since ancient times, people have used the Water method to heal from injury and illness, become incredibly healthy and develop the deeper, more subtle aspects of the Mind.

I personally discovered the transformative, healing power of Water method arts after sustaining serious injuries from a motorcycle accident in the 1980s. My own healing journey led me to a passion for helping people gain insight into how to cultivate their mind, body and energy in ways that are effective and efficient, yet safe and sustainable for health and well-being…through all stages of life.

The level of material Paul teaches is really well-gauged
to the people being taught.
—Pete McLeod, Founder, Speech Link Multimedia

Paul Cavel is the founder and principal of The Tai Chi Space, a London-based school established to teach Water method arts. Since 1987 Paul has studied the I Ching, Five Element practices, qi gong, tai chi, bagua, yoga, breathing techniques, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation. Paul has been a full-time health, healing and meditation arts teacher for over 20 years, and he’s a certified soft tissue and injury therapist. He’s posted over 100 free blogs to support your training. Enter blog >>

Professional organisations & noteworthy accreditations:

  • ITEC certified soft tissue and injury therapist (Level 4)
  • The prestigious Sports Massage Association
  • Senior Instructor of Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis (since 2004)
  • Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, Senior Instructor Level
  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
  • Certification in HSE-approved first aid administration
  • London City and Guilds Certified Mechanical Engineer

Energy Arts teaching certifications:

  • Water Method Meditation—Presence Practices and the Dissolving Technique instructor
  • Longevity Breathing instructor and re-certifier
  • Bagua Zhang Level 2 instructor and re-certifier
  • Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form Level 2 instructor and re-certifier
  • Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form instructor
  • Gods Playing in the Clouds Qi Gong Level 2 instructor and re-certifier
  • Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qi Gong Level 2 instructor and re-certifier
  • Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qi Gong Level 2 instructor and re-certifier
  • Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong Level 3 instructor and re-certifier
  • Tai Chi Circling Hands Level 2 instructor and re-certifier

Paul has also trained qi gong tui na and energy healing techniques and the Taoist monastic “Single Palm Change” bagua tradition, as well as learning all Eight Mother Palms of the bagua zhang tradition, with Master Frantzis in private and public tuition since 1987.